After studying English at university, Spencer started his career writing for a number of tech publications, including Gizmodo, Digital Spy, and TechRadar. This was a really exciting time to be writing about consumer technology, with the first generation of smartwatches hitting the shelves and the concept of the 'smart home' making its way to mainstream audiences. Early in his career, and after starting at T3 in 2015, Spencer was tasked with writing about these exciting new areas of consumer tech, but after reviewing countless wearables, he quickly grew a passion for more traditional timepieces and the craftsmanship that goes into them. During this time, Spencer was also travelling around the world reviewing cars, attending tradeshows, and racking up air miles – one week he could be in Utah driving the new Land Rover Discovery, the next week in Paris attending a phone launch, and the week after that in Switzerland for Baselworld.  Over the course of his career, Spencer has covered every industry event known to man, from CES, IFA and MWC to the Geneva, Frankfurt and LA Motorshows.

Over the years Spencer's role at T3 has morphed into various different forms and he is now the brand's Style and Travel Editor. He is responsible for all of the automotive, beauty, camera, clothing, grooming, travel, and watch content on T3. Everything that's cool, stylish, and interesting, basically. A lot of his time is spent reviewing electric scooters, getting hands-on with luxury watches, trying out the latest fragrances, and road-testing all kinds of vehicles (although there's not quite as much global travel these days, for obvious reasons). Outside of work, Spencer enjoys watching Formula 1, photography, and searching for scenic places up and down the country.

Spencer Hart