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Beat the scalpers with the help of T3's PS5 stock tracker

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18 months since Sony launched the PlayStation 5 and the market is still struggling to keep up with demand for the next-gen console. Whether that be scalpers at every turn, automated bots trying to swipe everything within seconds, manufacturing issues caused by the pandemic, or just the millions of other shoppers trying to get their hands on the games device – it's a minefield out there.

Fear not! We've scoured the web far and wide to save you the hassle. While the surge in sales for the PS5 is expected to continue well into 2022, we've compiled a list of the top retailers to find the elusive console from as well as some handy tips to be aware of to help get you to the checkout – and more importantly, receive that sweet, sweet confirmation message.

T3's PS5 stock tracker is regularly updated but there are also a few extra steps worth considering. We'd recommend bookmarking a number of stock trackers across social media (especially Twitter), checking in at any local retailers in case some have stock unexpectedly without warning, and making an account across said retailer's online accounts to save time on checkout. It can help to keep the console in your wishlist basket too. Now onto the important bit: where to find a PS5.

Please note any stock availability is based on the time of writing. Consoles are still selling reasonably fast (A couple of hours on average currently), so may not be available when you click through.

Where to buy PS5 in the UK

Currys (opens in new tab)
Currys is now live with PS5 stock (opens in new tab)  (as of June 28th) with lots of bundles up for sale. Whether it's Lego Star Wars, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Forbidden West, an additional DualSense controller or headset, there's plenty to choose from.

ShopTo (opens in new tab)
ShopTo PS5 stock (opens in new tab) is now live as of June 28th with several PS5 bundles available. These include Lego Star Wars, Horizon Forbidden West and an extra DualSense controller. It operates a one-per-customer system. 

PlayStation Direct (opens in new tab)
PlayStation Direct is now live with PS5 stock (opens in new tab) (as of July 28th). You must have a PS account to make the purchase with standalone consoles up for sale. 

An exclusive queue (opens in new tab) for those selected has historically gone live earlier in the day before then opening up to the public shortly afterwards. 

BT Store (opens in new tab)
BT is now live with PS5 stock (opens in new tab) (as of June 28th). Two bundles are available to purchase: one with a PS5 disc console featuring Horizon Forbidden West and another with the same items plus an extra DualSense controller. 

Users are required to sign in to their account to claim a customer code (opens in new tab) before being taken through to an online queue to purchase. 

Very (opens in new tab)
Very PS5 stock (opens in new tab) is live (as of June 28th) with a PS5 bundle, featuring a disc console and Horizon Forbidden West. The retailer is restocking a lot more regularly now, so check back often. (opens in new tab) is now live with PS5 bundles (opens in new tab) (as of June 28th). While not the cheapest on the market, it does give you access to the amazing Horizon Forbidden West and the latest entry in the Gran Turismo series. Extra controllers are available too. 

GAME (opens in new tab)
GAME last had PS5 stock (opens in new tab) on June 23rd. It was made up of bundles featuring Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, console covers, headsets and additional controllers. Not the cheapest option out there, mind. 

Amazon (opens in new tab)
Amazon previously went live with PS5 stock (opens in new tab) on June 22nd. The main offering was a PS5 disc console with Horizon Forbidden West included. You needed to be an Amazon Prime member to secure a console. 

Argos (opens in new tab)
Argos previously went live with PS5 stock (opens in new tab) on June 20th before selling out during the day. The main offering was a PS5 bundle with Horizon Forbidden West with disc consoles available. Stock was available at different stores across the country with quantity differing per location. 

Smyths Toys (opens in new tab)
Smyths Toys went live on June 10th with  PS5 stock (opens in new tab) – specifically, a discless bundle with Horizon Forbidden West included and standalone disc consoles. These trickled out throughout the day. 

EE Store (opens in new tab)
EE previously went live with PS5 stock (opens in new tab) on May 26th before selling out in a few days. There was one bundle up for grabs featuring Horizon Forbidden West. 

You had to be an account holder (opens in new tab) to access the purchase page and add it to your pay-as-you-go contract. Well worth considering if you are a customer already.  

John Lewis (opens in new tab)
High street retailer John Lewis put PS5 stock (opens in new tab) on May 25th – the first time in a couple of months – before selling out throughout the day. The main offering was a  Horizon Forbidden West bundle with a disc console.

Studio (opens in new tab)
Online shopping store Studio previously went live with a batch of  PS5 stock (opens in new tab) on May 25th. It was mostly made from bundles with stock selling out sometime throughout the day. 

eBuyer (opens in new tab)
A new contender! Independent electronics retailer eBuyer put PS5 stock (opens in new tab) live on May 16th with both disc and digital up for grabs. It sold out within a few hours. Possibly worth trying as not a common retailer for people to try. 

ASDA (opens in new tab)
ASDA went live with PS5 stock (opens in new tab) on April 26th and sold out throughout the day. The main offering was a PlayStation 5 disc bundle with Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7.

GameByte (opens in new tab)
Online retailer GameByte last had a PS5 bundle on January 14th with seven games, a PS5 HD camera and a subscription to PS Plus for 12 months. It sold out in a couple of days. 

BOX (opens in new tab)
Online tech store BOX had a rare PS5 restock (opens in new tab) on November 19th. It consisted of disc and digital consoles only. This was the first in months but potentially a good sign for Black Friday and the holidays. 

Littlewoods (opens in new tab)
Littlewoods has become the latest retailer to start selling PS5 consoles (opens in new tab). It last went live on November 10th, offering disc consoles and bundles. Not the cheapest but worth considering. 

Where to buy PS5 accessories

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