Mat is the Managing Editor for and is based in the US. With a background in photography, Mat started his career in photography magazines, writing for titles such as Digital Photo, Digital SLR Photography, What Digital Camera and Amateur Photographer. This was the golden age for digital photography that included the first sub-£1000 DSLR, the first 1MP camera phone and the introduction of the iPhone. He also headed up the product testing for the modified car magazine, Max Power. This led to a mild obsession with vintage Mercedes and Caterhams. Mat was instrumental in the video creation and digital presence for What Digital Camera and also led projects in digital magazines and part-works photography series.  

Moving to Asia in 2012, he took on roles at Time Out Beijing and then Time Out Hong Kong as Managing Editor. He managed contracting publishing titles, including magazines for the Hong Kong Design Institute, MGM Macau and Studio City Macau before running a series of ex-pat and lifestyle titles, including Angloinfo and Localiz. 

After moving to the US in 2019 he joined the T3 team in 2021. Today he looks after T3's US content from his home in Chicago. When he's not planning content, commissioning or reviewing products, he enjoys photography, travel and playing guitar. Mat retains a healthy interest in cars and is torn between wanting a big pickup truck and a Mustang. 

Mat Gallagher