Want to watch Stranger Things 4 finale with David Harbour? How to join the livestream party and Q&A

Stranger Things season 4 part 2's final two episodes air from 1 July, here's how to watch a special live stream and Q&A with some of the cast.

Stranger Things S4's David Harbour in Russia
(Image credit: Netflix)

Stranger Things has been doing, er, strange things to people. It's made people unsubscribe from Netflix. It's made people resubscribe to Netflix. It's made me write about other shows to watch after it finishes. Because finish it will: with Stranger Things S4's final two episodes airing from 1 July, before season 5 airs in 2023.

But here's a fun twist: you can watch the final season 4 episodes of Stranger Things with everyone's favourite actor, David Harbour, AKA Jim Hopper in the show, in a live stream party that also includes Brett Gelman (Murray Bauman), Joe Quinn (Eddie Munson) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Vecna). Here's how:

How to watch Stranger Things 4 livestream party

So how do you join this watch party? First you'll need a Netflix subscription, of course. Second you'll need to head over to Scener in a browser and download and install the Chrome extension (and ensure permissions are granted). 

When exactly is this happening? Very soon: if you're on the west coast USA then it's at 23:15 PT on 30 June; if you're east coast then it commences at a less-than-friendly 02:15 ET on 1 July; if you're in the UK then you'll need the morning off work, as it starts at 07:15 on 1 July. Clear those bleary eyes everyone!

"A live Q&A with the cast will be followed by the virtual screenings of Episodes 408 and 409 in a custom-curated theatre built to host thousands of guests," reads Scener's promotion. That Q&A sessions is 15 minutes after the 'doors open' (times above) for 30 minutes before the show's midnight (PT) kick-off time.

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