Cheap electric scooter deal cuts £100 off the 5-star Pure Air Pro

Beat the rail strike with £100 off Pure Electric & Xiaomi electric scooters

Pure Air Pro
(Image credit: Pure Electric)

If you want to get out and about in the heatwave or beat the rail strike, it’s time to invest in an electric scooter. The best electric scooters (opens in new tab) are a quick and convenient way to get around, are easy to store and aren’t too strenuous to ride. Depending on the brand you choose, electric scooters can go for upwards of £400 so if you’re thinking of investing in one, it’s worth taking a look at some electric scooter deals (opens in new tab)

Luckily for you, Pure Electric is running a sale on its range of Pure and Xiaomi electric scooters. The best deal we’ve found is on the 5-star Pure Air Pro which has been given a £100 price cut in the sale.

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Originally priced at £599, the Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter is now £499 in the Pure Electric e-scooter sale. It’s our number one choice of electric scooter to avoid the train and tube strike (opens in new tab) and is a low maintenance and cost-saving way to get around the city.

The Pure Air Pro is one of the best electric scooters on the market and holds the first spot in our electric scooters guide. We gave it 5 stars in our Pure Air Pro review (opens in new tab) and were impressed by its powerful motor, robust streamlined design and improved range and maximum load.

Alongside the Pure Air Pro, Pure Electric is also offering discounts on its award-winning collection of electric scooters, including its own range and scooters from Xiaomi. The Pure Air Pro is the electric scooter we recommend the most but the Pure Air 2nd Gen and Xiaomi Mi 1S models are also powerful, reliable and waterproof – and they’ve also been given price cuts in the sale.

To view the Pure Air Pro deal or the full Pure Electric sale, click the links above or keep reading to find out more about the Pure Air Pro, Pure Air 2nd Gen and Xiaomi Mi 1S deals. If you’re thinking of buying any of these electric scooters, you’ll need to be quick as these offers are for a limited time only!

Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter: was £599, now £499 at Pure Electric (opens in new tab)
The Pure Air Pro (2021, 2nd Gen) electric scooter exudes power with its high-capacity battery, 500W motor and regenerative braking technology. It comes with 3 speed modes that can tackle any hill or path with ease, alongside its puncture resistant tyres. It’s an all-round electric scooter and this £100 off is definitely worth taking advantage of.

Pure Air Electric Scooter 2nd Gen: was £449, now £379 at Pure Electric (opens in new tab)
The original or earlier version of the Pure Air Pro, the Pure Air Electric Scooter has an upgraded motor and up to 30km range from a single charge. It’s extremely responsive, waterproof and is good at climbing hills. The Pure Air model is currently £70 off, taking it down to a more affordable price of £379.

Xiaomi Mi 1S Electric Scooter: was £449, now £379 at Pure Electric (opens in new tab)
Save £70 on the Xiaomi Mi 1S. This mid-range electric scooter has a 250W motor, impressive battery life and Bluetooth-enabled display. In our Xiaomi Mi 1S review (opens in new tab), we enjoyed the build and smoothness of the ride, and found it to be an “excellent everyday e-scooter that’s fantastic over long distances.”

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